Animation short made as my graduate film in the department of visual communication, at The Neri Bloomfield School of Design.

Script, Directing, Design, sound effects & Animation by:
Keren Rijensky
Rotem Moav
Barak Drori,Ohad Elimelech, Ran Bogin, Ilan Wientrob.
Short Film about a girl going through Sexual Assault in her room, the attacker represented as typography and the girl try to escape from the experience with her mind. 
How to Treat the Problem that Adolescent Indulging in the Internet 
The Places that Suitable for Traveling Alone(V)
Rajasthan, India. Although hearing the word "India" will make some travelers more fearful, in fact it is not as terrible as the legend. You can meet many people who alone on the road. India's Rajasthan is definitely not to be missed.
The reason for indulging is the lack of autonomy
Some experts refer to this generation of young people as "network aborigines". Since their birth, the Internet has shown them the charm, through cartoons, songs, early education and other forms. 
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